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Accused of a drug crime? These types of arrests occur frequently and can vary widely in severity depending on the type and volume of controlled substance involved, the suspected offense, the criminal history of the defendant, and other factors. Regardless of the severity of the charge, it is critical that the accused confront these allegations with vigilant and knowledgeable defense counsel by their side.

At George T. Campbell, Attorney at Law, I have​​​​become well-versed in how the state of New Hampshire pursues convictions against suspected drug offenders over the last 23 years of my legal career. These cases are often subject to civil rights abuses and law enforcement error and require a knowledgeable, scrutinizing approach to ensure the best possible outcome for the accused. If you have been arrested, the time to consult with a seasoned Manchester drug crime defense lawyer is now.

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Types of Possession Cases

Drug possession is the most frequently charged drug crime. To be convicted of a possession charge, the prosecution must show that you knowingly possessed a controlled substance prohibited by New Hampshire law. Possession can be documented by the authorities in two different ways—actual possession and constructive possession.

Here's how to understand actual and constructive possession:

  • Actual possession: When you knowingly have a drug on your person.
  • Constructive possession: If you control an area, such as a house or car, where drugs were present.

You have the right to privacy and if any of your rights were violated when the drugs were seized from your property, this can be addressed in court. Before you proceed with your case, make sure that the charges against you are assessed by an experienced New Hampshire drug crime defense attorney.

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