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Domestic violence covers acts of simple assault, criminal restraint, criminal threatening, harassment, violating a restraining order or order of protection, or criminal mischief. These allegations involve spouses, ex-spouses, household members, relatives, or current or former romantic partners. When your reputation and future are on the line, it is critical that you proceed with your case with an experienced legal representative by your side.

At George T. Campbell, Attorney at Law, I bring more than two decades of trial experience to every criminal defense case I take on. I know how the state of New Hampshire pursues convictions against the accused and what can be done to ensure that any shortcomings in the prosecution's case are properly exposed before the court. If you have been charged with domestic violence the time to take action is now.

For the proven legal defense you need, call my office today at (603) 787-5364. I'm a domestic violence attorney in Manchester who is ready to help you explore your options.

Domestic Violence Charges & Penalties

Domestic violence accusations are especially sensitive because they can result in lasting effects on the accused's life. There can be criminal penalties, yes, but these convictions can also disrupt family law proceedings the accused may be facing and even prevent them from holding certain responsibilities or owning certain property.

These charges can be the result of a push, a bump, a grab, or even untimely words spoken in anger. Even if the cause of the charge was not substantial, these cases involve your words against the accusers. Don't take this situation lightly. You need to build a defense and get the protection you deserve.

Domestic violence charges can result in:

  • Having to leave your home
  • Jail time
  • A fine
  • Probation
  • Loss of the right to bear a firearm
  • Ineligibility for jobs that require background checks
  • Negative child custody ramifications
  • Deportation/removal proceedings
  • No-contact bail orders

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Whether you have been falsely accused or your charge is the result of a momentary lapse of judgment, I am prepared to get to work for you and do everything I can to restore your reputation. It is possible to seek favorable outcomes in these emotional cases and ensure that your domestic violence charge has as little impact as possible on your life with a domestic violence defense lawyer on your side.

The time to start building your defense is now. Contact my firm today to consult with a proven Manchester domestic violence attorney.

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